IRS Representation

Owe Back Taxes or Have Years Of Overdue Returns?

Commercials for large companies claiming to be able to remove your IRS debt are running wild on about any TV channel you watch these days. But, did you know some of the most recognized names in the business (because of advertising) are rated an "F" with the Better Business Bureau? Don't take our word for it, just follow the links to the ratings of JK Harris, Tax Masters, American Tax Relief, Roni Deutch, Associated Tax Relief, and many others like them.

Is There Real Help Available?

The scariest return address known to all? IRS!

There really are ways to get in compliance with the IRS through little known programs the public is aware of directly from the IRS. In many cases these paths forgive penalties and interest due to the IRS, and in some cases can even forgive the tax balance owed them as well if you are considered un-collectable. Each case is unique to the individual.

Hix Bookkeeping can assist you with getting in compliance, having penalties waived, and negotiating installment agreements for past IRS balances. We have the accreditation and experience to deal with all state IRS offices nationwide, and know well how to deal with the maze of paperwork associated with dealing with them.

Got a nasty gram from the IRS? I can help. Not all letters are nasty and scary. What they want and are asking for are two different things. Sometimes they are asking for one thing and a person might send in the wrong information, causing delays and more letters.  I can help with that and put your fears to rest.

Not filed for awhile? I can help with over due returns and make things right with yourself and family. I will help guide the process and put the letters to rest and help get the monkey (gorilla) off of your back.

Owe the IRS money? I can help with the process of installment agreements or an offer in compromise.  With my training and my years of experience, I can help with the maze of paperwork and never ending worries.

Professional IRS representation with the feel of having a friend in the business is available right now from Hix Bookkeeping in Northern Kentucky. Contact us today to learn how we can help you!