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Bush Tax Extenders
Current changes for the 2011 tax year.
Home Office Deductions
Are you taking advantage of all you can get with home office deductions? Check out our article to see what you might be missing.
Questions For Tax Preparers
Seeking out a tax professional? Print out the questions you should be considering when making a choice.
IRS Installment Agreements
Don't have the cash to pay your taxes. It's better to file on time with money owed than to file late. Read about your options in this article.
Filing Status And Dependency
Understanding the filing status options and who is a dependent.
End of Year Client Letter
The yearly letter and checklist that I send out
Tax Savings
How to save some money on your taxes
Record Keeping
What to keep and how long
Foreclosures, Short Sales and Unemp.
What to worry about
Tax News from Nat'l Society Tax Pros
Comes from one of my orgainziations that I belong to
How to deal with Ebay sales and Hobby vs. Business
Goodwill guide
the amount to deduct per item when sent to a charitable organization
Winter Tax Letter
Gives a great update on all of the changes and things to worry about from one of the organizations
Things to think about when itemizing
Refund Options
Different ways of receiving refunds
Business Deductions
Things to think about
Credits and Deductions: differences
Rental Property Expenses
The difference between improvements and expenses
College Credits and Deduction
Social Security and SSDI
The taxability of each
Love Letters from IRS
What to do when you get a letter
Spring Cleaning
What to think about
Hobby or Business?
How to figure out about a business or hobby
Odds and ends to think about
Little Known Charitable deductions
Things that you may not know you can deduct
Falling through the cracks with Turbo
Tax Software may not give you all
Better Prepare for Next Year
Things to think about for next tax year
I owe, I owe what do I do?
Different options for payment