Payroll Services

Managing and processing payroll and the related filings can be a daunting task for the small business owner. Your growing business relies on your expertise to run the operations, and there is no return for time you spend in the office handling payroll.

Payroll Services by Hix Bookkeeping can simplify the payroll process from processing to paycheck allowing you to spend more time focusing on and growing your business. We realize that no two businesses are exactly alike and as such can tailor payroll services to match your management style.

We have provided payroll services to many Northern Kentucky small businesses with reporting that can include payroll journals, employee earnings statements, 1099s, W-2s, payroll worksheets, notifications of tax liabilities and deposits, and notices of funds needed to cover the payroll and tax liability.

Take command of your business today by allowing Hix Bookkeeping of Northern Kentucky to simplify your payroll processes, with professional payroll services, that will have the feel as if they were being provided by a friend in the business.