Quickbooks / Quickbooks Training

Kris Hix is a whiz with Quickbooks by Intuit, and can professionally install and then configure Quickbooks to run according to the needs of your business. Get started right with a chart of accounts, products, bank account setup, ledgers and all that Quickbooks has to offer you. If you desire to take matters into your own hands, Hix Bookkeeping can provide you on-site Quickbooks training, and by having inside knowledge of your business, we can offer you support without all the need to answer the first level dummy questions on every phone call.

In the right hands Quickbooks is a powerful accounting tool that can provide great information about what is going on with your bottom line. If you're new to Quickbooks however, and to accounting in general, the learning curve can be very long and frustrating indeed. Consider having the pros at Hix Bookkeeping in Northern Kentucky at least setup your business and train you how to operate it. You will get professional Quickbooks training from an accounting background, that the cozy feel that will be like having a friend in the business..