"Kris Hix was a student in TaxMama's EA Exam Review Course. She impressed me so much, on so many levels. Aside from her expertise, she has been so trustworthy and responsible, that I have hired her to review some of my tax returns before they are given to the clients. Considering how many excellent tax professionals I teach, that is high praise."
- Eva Rosenberg, MBA, EA (www.TaxMama.com and www.IRSExams.com)

"Tax season used to always be the worst time of the year but now I actually look forward to my once a year trip to see Kris. I get to kick back, have a beer, and let her sort out my mess of paperwork for both my personal and business taxes. I highly recommend using Kris for your taxes."
 - Doug C.

"I used to use Turbo Tax until the year I owed $5600. Before paying the IRS my friend recommended I visit Kris. Turbo Tax missed a lot of deductions and after visiting Kris, I only owed $2200! I'll be using Kris every year from here on out."
 - Michael H

Kris is hands down the best that I have ever dealt with. Without a doubt she knows her job, and makes tax time a lot less painful. I would have recommended her to anyone who is looking for a wonderful "tax lady".
- Cheryl S

I have been usin Kris Hix for 15 years and I really appreciate her honest no-nonsense approach to bookkeeping. Kris exceeds expectations every time. I'm always amazed that she handles a wide array of industries from a freelance graphic designer like myself, to larger companies with an easy-going efficiency instantly knowing all tax laws.
- Sarah H